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The hardest part about writing

National Novel Writing Month

Get your bum into that chair, pencils sharpened and at the ready…It’s National Novel Writing Month!

Don’t think you can do it? What if I said you only needed to write 1,670 words a day to complete a novel within one month?  Doesn’t sound that difficult now does it?  To find out more about the initiative, visit: http://nanowrimo.org/ to sign up.  … Read the rest

Keri Smith Live out Loud

Live Out Loud by Keri Smith

Being an only child, growing up was a lonely business.  Born of the era where children were seen but not heard and without a voice, I would escape into a world of books and creativity.  As money was scarce for my family, treats that children take for granted these days was unheard of back then, so I would spend hours creating things from scraps found around the house.  … Read the rest