Dave WiseBy Dave Wise

While much of what a writer does is simply down to discipline and putting in the hours, each has a way of accessing the Muse.

Believe it or not, I get a lot of my ideas using a metronome and meditation.
Here’s how it works for me:

  •     I relax in my writing room for ten minutes. This is to relax my heart rate.
  •     Then I set the metronome to my body rhythm, the beating of my relaxed heart, which is about sixty beats per minute.
  •     I then listen to the slow ticking of the metronome for ten minutes with my eyes closed.
  •     I then think about my life, the peak experiences and the life wounds, my likes and dislikes.
  •    Then I write down my thoughts, as they come to me. They usually come in single words or phrases.
  •     I re-arrange the words and phrases, and low and behold, a story idea is born!

I also think about different topics or subjects while the metronome is ticking. The other day I thought about the word, “snow”. After about ten minutes of being aware of my senses, I came up with a list of words. I made these words into a free verse poem(no metre and no rhyme). The images the poem conjured up even gave me an idea for a short story or a novella.

It’s surprising what you can come up with, when you meditate in a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed.

Try it, it works!


Dave Wise, author of ’24 Traumatic Hours, Twice!’ and ‘Web of Guilt – A Chicago Story’. His new book

24 TRAUMATIC Hours Twice

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‘The Becoming’ is due out in Spring 2015. You can connect with Dave at

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10 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

tips for a stress free christmasDo you remember when you were a child and the anticipation of Christmas got you excited? Can you recall your parents decorating the tree in December and the excitement sitting in the pit of your stomach?

Roll forward 25-years and it’s a different story. The excitement has been replaced with anxiety and the anticipation exchanged for fear.
“How much is it all going to cost? Where will I find the time to get everything done? Jesus, why do I have to decide what gifts to buy?”…
Sound familiar?

But what if you could forego the stress associated with Christmas and instead just enjoy it? Enjoy Christmas, you ask? Are you frigging mad?  Perhaps, yes, I am a bit, but I refuse to do the Yuletide anxiety anymore. For the last couple of years, I’ve employed a whole different strategy.

  1. You’ve probably heard this tip countless times. Yes folks, it is an oldie, but it’s a goodie – decide how much you can afford to spend this year and BUDGET. Do not borrow or be tempted by loans or credit cards. Most of the things you buy people are usually discarded at some time. Meanwhile, there are a whole lot of people up to the armpits in debt, drowning under the mountain of final demands in January. Shop savvy instead. You are not competing with anyone. Remember Christmas is about a time of peace, not who can give the most expensive present.
  2. If like me, you hate charging around stores and town centres with a hundred bags in tow, shop wisely. Buy larger items online, so that they are delivered to your door. Buy smaller items such as jewelry and gift tokens on the high street. They fit easily into your handbag – so no big shopping bags to cart around.
  3. Before you buy a bloody thing, ask people what they want as a gift from you. Tell them you need to know by 5th December, or whenever you begin to shop. Let them know if they don’t tell you, they may end up with a seriously crappy present and if they do, it’s their own fault, you can only do your best.
  4. Don’t go mad on food shopping. Shops are only closed for a couple of days, most only on Christmas day, so why do you need to make sure you have salmon in for the 29th December? Do you really need the stress of buying in bulk and charging around the supermarket like a Duracel bunny on crack with everyone else? Get real!
  5. Wrap gifts and label them as you buy them. This saves on the repetitive strain injury you will get in your fingers and back by trying to wrap everything in one go on Christmas eve.
  6. Instead of going on a cleaning frenzy with your feather duster on Christmas eve, stagger the housework – little and often. Do an extra load of laundry a day on the run up to Christmas. Go through each room if you have to, but only steal yourself to a room a day.
  7. Christmas eve is for chilling and atmosphere. If you’ve been clever, you should be able to sit back with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie and relax. All the work has been done – it’s time to enjoy. Cook the turkey on Christmas eve instead of the next day. It saves on stress and time and you can enjoy the smell as it wafts around the house. Christmas eve should be for reflection and that cozy, warm feeling that you get when you’re grateful for what you have – no matter how little that is.stress free christmas
  8. Use Christmas as a time to settle old grievances. No, I don’t mean bury an axe in Auntie May’s head. Use the festive feeling and let old disputes lie, let them go. Negative feelings towards others only end up using our own energy and serve no useful purpose. Christmas is the one time where the veil between animosity and love, vengeance and friendship are is at its thinnest. Use it wisely.
  9. Buy in some extra presents for those forgotten guests and visitors. They need not cost much – chocolates, colouring books for kids, men’s toiletry set. You’ll sleep well knowing that If someone comes a knocking whom you’ve forgotten, it’s under control.
  10. The most important of all for the stress free Christmas in my book – ‘the emergency kit’. When families are thrown together for long periods of time, trouble and annoyances can fester like an infected scab. When your mother insists on watching ‘The Sound of Music’ again and you want to stick pins in your eyes (sorry mum), it’s time to bring out something from your ‘kit’. It could be a book, a soduko or a crossword. But on no account can you use a mobile phone. Mobile phones at Christmas are unacceptable within most families. Other than looking impolite, it is downright ignorant. However, pulling out a book or a puzzle is acceptable as the family sit down to watch some god-awful thing on the box.

By planning your strategy ahead, you will save yourself a whole lot of strife and misery. Christmas should be enjoyed by all. Remember others often feel the same as you, so if you find yourself stressed this year, tell those around you – chances are they will understand.

The Road Less Travelled

A road less travelledWe’ve all done it – we’ve all taken paths of least resistance at some points in our life, and yes sometimes it’s good to just go with the flow and swim with the current rather than resist it.  But what happens when it is the norm, when it becomes a matter of habit?

Life can become very stagnant when we choose the easy options, we learn nothing new. Of course we are comfortable just dawdling along, but by not risking anything, neither do we gain anything – sometimes we just need to get out of our comfort zone.  When we travel along a road we know so well, there are no surprises and we feel secure, when we are taken off road along different paths, it gives us an uneasy feeling, and the older we get, the more uneasy we feel.  What you need to decipher is the difference between gut-instinct and old habit patterns.

Gut instinct is that deep feeling that something is wrong, the hairs go up on the back of your neck and you instinctively know something. Habit patterns are based on conditioned response and are an unconscious reaction, served up by the subconscious out of pure habit.

Irish Philosopher, Edmund Burke (1729-1797) once said: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  No real sane person likes conflict, but sometimes is it necessary to stand up for what you think is right instead of travelling along that old comfortable road?  It’s not easy to stand up for what you believe in, especially if the majority of the masses disagree with you. It’s easy to turn a blind eye and ear to what you feel is right just for that feeling of security.

If you always take the predictable safe route, you will never know what you are truly capable of, you will never know your steel or your resolve, and of course you will never really know yourself – you will forever be the background noise, the statistic of the average.  Human Beings by their very design are remarkable creatures – just take a look at the world around you, the cities, the buildings, the infrastructures, look at what was created because of someone’s vision and the courage to carry out their imagination.  Then take a look at the destructive forces mankind wields, the wars, the injustice and the misery. Again, creation is not biased, it can be used for either negative or positive results, but YOU are the deciding factor, it is your choice to accept or change the world you live in and it starts with just one step-the road of least resistance or the road less travelled.

Technological advances have made the world a smaller place. Through the internet, you can meet up with like minded people and create something new, change what needs changing and take back your power – you have a voice. Old-fashioned and outdated propaganda and spin are quickly diminishing as news can reach millions of people with the stroke of a keyboard – you shape your world by your thoughts, feelings and actions. For more information on organisations dedicated to change visit: and to see where you can make a difference.

That unknown and winding road that very few people take is waiting for you.

ratrun Banksy.jpg

Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Life is often called a fleeting experience.  Yet if it is so fleeting, why then, when we have the choice, do we choose to live life in suffering?

You could say that since we are here, why at this juncture in our lives do we allow negativity, depression, consumerism and egotism dominate the way we live our lives?

Answer:  Because we are only doing what we know.  If we don’t know anything different, then how can we make that choice to live life fuller and happier, in a state of presence?

In the downturn of a global recession the old system, the old mindset is failing.  Many people no longer strive for aspirations of a lavish lifestyle – many are choosing a quality of life instead of a standard of living.  People are more aware now of the great global money and power making machine – the conditioned world of the carrot and donkey.  More now than ever there are a vast number of people in the western world who are not looking for happiness through stuff.  In other words, they know they won’t find happiness through a top of the range car, a new wrinkle cream or feel that creating a life of long work hours and stress is worth that house they cannot afford.

More and more people are waking up. They want a life that means something; they want purpose other than accumulating stuff that adds no real value to their life.  And it’s not only consumerism that is being scrapped slowly, propaganda, gossip, advertising techniques designed to make you part with your cash and status chasing is not as powerful on the masses as it once was – it is losing its appeal and people are becoming more aware of this.

With any shift in mindset comes upheaval – we can only scrap and do away with the old system if we have a new and better system in place.  Through the age old process of ‘demand and supply’, once people demand better, demand different, then it is only then that it is created for them.  We are after all co-creators on this planet, and as such responsible for the state of play here.

So as Ghandi once said: ‘Begin by being the change you want to see in the world’.  It is only when we become that change that we will see it reflected like a mirror in the world around us.  Don’t waste your life on negativity that serves you no purpose or tie yourself up with other people’s opinions of status and aspirations….Only you know what makes you happy.