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Can Such Things Be? – Denneker Edition

can such thing be by Ambrose Bierce & M. J. Penny Denneker Edition

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24 tales of the supernatural penned by the Master of the Mysterious.  From ghosts looking for revenge, long lost lovers that roam the in-between realm of shadows, Can Such Things Be? is a compendium of the strange and the supernatural.
This ‘special’ edition contains the original Denneker (De Nekker) engravings from the 1544 Augsberb version of the ‘Dance of Death’ depicting Death himself walking among mortals while he beckons them to their graves.
So turn the lights down low, pour yourself a drink, and prepare to be taken into a world that only the brave or the foolish dare go.

About Ambrose Bierce:
The disappearance of writer Ambrose Bierce in 1913 has remained one of the greatest mysteries within the literary world.  After crossing the border into revolutionary Mexico, the 71-year-old prolific author, satirist, poet and journalist was never heard from again.
Indeed the facts of such a disappearance would not seem out of place in one of his own fictional stories-such was his talent at weaving the strange and the unusual.
It is however,not only his disappearance that remains remarkable.  More notable was the life Bierce lived, the man he was, and the imprint he left on the world through his words.

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