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Don’t Worry – Be Happy

Life is often called a fleeting experience.  Yet if it is so fleeting, why then, when we have the choice, do we choose to live life in suffering?

You could say that since we are here, why at this juncture in our lives do we allow negativity, depression, consumerism and egotism dominate the way we live our lives?

Answer:  Because we are only doing what we know.  If we don’t know anything different, then how can we make that choice to live life fuller and happier, in a state of presence?

In the downturn of a global recession the old system, the old mindset is failing.  Many people no longer strive for aspirations of a lavish lifestyle – many are choosing a quality of life instead of a standard of living.  People are more aware now of the great global money and power making machine – the conditioned world of the carrot and donkey.  More now than ever there are a vast number of people in the western world who are not looking for happiness through stuff.  In other words, they know they won’t find happiness through a top of the range car, a new wrinkle cream or feel that creating a life of long work hours and stress is worth that house they cannot afford.

More and more people are waking up. They want a life that means something; they want purpose other than accumulating stuff that adds no real value to their life.  And it’s not only consumerism that is being scrapped slowly, propaganda, gossip, advertising techniques designed to make you part with your cash and status chasing is not as powerful on the masses as it once was – it is losing its appeal and people are becoming more aware of this.

With any shift in mindset comes upheaval – we can only scrap and do away with the old system if we have a new and better system in place.  Through the age old process of ‘demand and supply’, once people demand better, demand different, then it is only then that it is created for them.  We are after all co-creators on this planet, and as such responsible for the state of play here.

So as Ghandi once said: ‘Begin by being the change you want to see in the world’.  It is only when we become that change that we will see it reflected like a mirror in the world around us.  Don’t waste your life on negativity that serves you no purpose or tie yourself up with other people’s opinions of status and aspirations….Only you know what makes you happy.

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