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Live Out Loud by Keri Smith

Being an only child, growing up was a lonely business.  Born of the era where children were seen but not heard and without a voice, I would escape into a world of books and creativity.  As money was scarce for my family, treats that children take for granted these days was unheard of back then, so I would spend hours creating things from scraps found around the house.  Old clothes would be re-fashioned into funky bags and purses, margarine tubs would become little miniature gardens and macaroni would become painted necklaces.

I’d forgotten all this until I stumbled upon Keri Smith’s ‘Live Out Loud’.  It’s a great book and has transformed me back to my childhood on rainy afternoons between publishing projects.  As a writer, I always worry about stagnating, my voice becoming stale and ending up with nothing to say, or worse, just saying the same thing over and over again, like dementia for creative has-beens.

The childish tone of voice of Keri’s book is a kindly reminder that the creative acts of our youth were indeed a route into inspiration.  The exercises in this book are an excellent media to tap into that childlike creativity once again…it’s a definite must for all creative types.  Along with this edition, Keri also has further books that are available that will surprise and help you find that childlike awe you once held.

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